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Pinwheel Surprise

Join us for two days of fun, relaxation, and creativity, and leave with a beautiful patchwork quilt that you'll be proud to show off for years to come

This a great opportunity to learn new patchwork techniques or improve existing ones without the distractions of home. You choose the fabrics and colours that you want to use, and then use your skills to piece them together into a beautiful work of art.

You'll have the chance to socialise and share ideas with other quilters while working on your project, making this a wonderful way to make new friends and build connections with others who share your love of quilting.

This is me!

Hi, I’m Zoe. My love of patchwork and quilting began when I was a teenager, watching my Mum create stunning quilts using traditional techniques passed down through generations. As I grew older, I became more interested in the craft myself, and began experimenting with different patterns, fabrics, and techniques.

I am a teacher with over 18 years experience and I’ve taught Patchwork and Quilting in person and online for the last 5 years. My work has been featured on Create and Craft, Hochanda, Crafter’s TV, Sew Inspired magazine and more recently the US online magazine We Like Sewing.

Today, I am proud to share my passion for quilting with others and am here to help you create the perfect quilt.

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Zoe is very patient and helps everyone to achieve a finished quilt they can be proud of.


Attending a quilting workshop is a fun and rewarding experience and is a great way to improve your skills, learn new techniques, and meet other quilters.


You will focus on a specific technique and get  support from an experienced teacher.


It will be a great source of inspiration for your own quilting projects and it will give you the opportunity to connect with other quilters who share your passion.

You can create a beautiful quilt that you will cherish for years to come, even if you’ve never made a pinwheel before.

Click here to book on:

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The workshop will take place on two Saturdays at Lanchester Community Centre, County Durham:

Day 1 - 10th June 2023

Day 2 - 15th July 2023

You will need three different fabrics (I used a light blue, medium blue and gold), wadding and thread for piecing and quilting.

Before Day 1 of the workshop I will send details of how to prepare your fabric to get the best start to the day.

On Day 1 you will learn to make the Split Quarter Square Triangle units and turn them into the repeating Pinwheel blocks which you will arrange to make up the quilt top.

On Day 2 you will learn how to cut and piece the borders and then add them to the quilt top. You will also layer and quilt your project before binding it.

After you click the button and book your space, I will email you the full requirements for the whole quilt. I will send the preparation instructions before Day 1 of the workshop. I will also send full piecing instructions before Day 1. But don’t worry if you can’t print them out, you will get a physical copy at the workshop. I will also send reminder emails out before Day 2 of the workshop in July!

Not long to go

To keep classes small, there are only 11 spaces available on this workshop, nine have been taken already.

Registration ends 31st May.

The cost is just £60 for two days tuition.

Once you learn the technique in a relaxed, social setting, it will be easy for you to add interest to future projects.


Good company.
Excellent tutor.


Do join a workshop, you will learn a lot and have a great two days!


It's a chance to work on a single project with guidance. Good company and value.

Pay just £60 for 2 days tuition before 31st May.


Can I attend on my own?

That's no problem, by lunch on the first day we will feel like we have known each other for ages.

What if I work too slowly?

You work at your own pace. I am just at the end of an email if you need support after the workshop has finished.

What if I can't get my points to match?

Don't worry, I will give you tips and tricks to get those pesky points to behave!

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Is this workshop for me?

  • This is for you if you have some patchwork experience or are an experience stitcher.

  • This is for you if you want to learn a new technique in a small, social group.

Contact me at if you would like more information

10 Jun 2023, 10:00 – 15 Jul 2023, 16:00
Newbiggen Ln, Lanchester, Durham DH7 0PB, UK
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