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30 Day Sewing Challenge

Challenge yourself in September

September is Sewing Month!!

There are so many benefits to sewing:

  • keeps your fingers nimble

  • improves hand-eye co-ordination

  • helps to maintain (and develop) proper posture

  • is an outlet for your creativity

  • increases self-esteem and confidence

  • you meet people with similar interests and improve your social life

  • improves your mood

  • gives you a sense of accomplishment

  • keeps your mind active

  • with social media you can share your creations with the world

From applique to zigzag stitch, Boro to Tivaevae you will never run out of things to discover and create. Whether you make quilts, bags, cushions or clothes, sewing will provide you with a life time of learning.

Take on the 30 Day Challenge and post your makes and progress in our Quilting Community

Happy stitching!


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