Banish those quilting blues and Quilt As You Go!

Do you struggle to get a larger quilt under your machine? It’s not easy!

What if the layers aren’t secure enough?

What will I do if there are pleats on the back?

I can’t face wrestling with a quilt today!

What if I told you there was an easier way?!

Quilt As You Go (QAYG) quilts are easy to make and then join together, you are only stitching a small section so the bulk is not under your machine.

How do you perform this magic?

Like this:

This is my preferred technique, it is a bit easier with a sashed block but completely do-able with blocks with no sashing (more on that later).

Once you have added sashing to your block (at least 1” wide), layer up your quilt block with some wadding/batting that is ~½” bigger than your block and backing that is ~½” bigger than you wadding. Quilt this block, just the block not the sashing. Now stitch in the ditch between the quilt block and the sashing.

Do this for another block that you want to join to the first block.

With right sides together, fold back the wadding and backing of each block, pin and stitch the sashing together nesting or matching any seams on your sashing.

Lay the blocks right side down and trim the wadding so it meets in the middle.

Use Heat Press Batting Together tape to join the wadding between sashing stitches. If you don’t have this tape then trim the wadding and hand stitch it together.

Trim one backing piece so it does not overlap the backing piece of the other block.