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How to... Square up fabric

Sometimes, you will get your beautiful fabric home and find it's a bit wonky!

Wonky fabric

Firstly, you will want to check that you have the measurement you paid for at the shortest point. Secondly, you may need to square it up to use for your project.

Fold your fabric selvedge to selvedge so it lies flat. Finger-press the folded edge.

I've fold my fabric twice, by taking the first folded edge to the selvedge so it lies flat, to fit on my cutting mat.

Line up your ruler with the folded edge and close to the shortest part of the fabric.

Use the horizontal lines of your ruler against the folded edge of the fabric.

Cut along the edge of the ruler with your rotary cutter.

Use this straight edge to cut further strips.

If possible, turn your mat rather than your fabric to make further strips of fabric. Use this straight edge to straighten any other wonky edges by lining it up with the horizontal lines of your ruler.

Happy sewing!



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