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Book Review: The Quilter's Apprentice

The Quilter's Apprentice

This is the first book in Jennifer Chiaverini's 'Elm Creek Quilts' series.

Sarah has given up her uneventful but well paid job to move to Waterford, a smaller town where her husband can find work. But now she's struggling to find a job.

She meets the crotchety recluse Mrs. Compson, who agrees to teach Sarah how to quilt. Along the way Sarah develops new friendships, learns how to make a Sampler Quilt and discovers Mrs. Compson's tragic story.

Will Sarah ever find a job? Are hand-stitched blocks better than machine-stitched blocks? Does Sarah finish her Sampler Quilt in time? And who is Mrs. Emberly and what did she do to upset Mrs. Compson all that time ago?

I enjoyed this book. Part quilting, part history, part friendship it tells the story of family, love, loss and the coming together through quilting. The Tangled Web Quilters reminded me of the quilting groups I have been part of (snacking included). There are images of the quilt blocks Sarah makes and some of the history behind them. I have been inspired to find out more about these blocks and the way she pieced the blocks together.

Have you read the Quilter's Apprentice? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Round Robin: Book 2 of the Elm Creek Quilt series

Kindle and Hardback editions

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